Our cold pressed juices are 80% vegetable and 20% fruit. These juices are great for doing juice detoxes/cleanser or working your way towards healthier food choices.



We have been consuming foods that have little or no nutrition for our bodies such as soda, many deep-fried foods, lots of sugary foods etc. These foods do not offer any nutritional benefits to us, so we find ourselves overfed but undernourished. With constant consumption of these non-nutritional foods we find ourselves:

  • Tired/low energy, lethargic
  • Battling skin breakouts / acne
  • Unable to sleep well
  • Having stubborn weight that refuses to go
  • Getting sick all the time
  • Binge eating and craving unhealthy foods
  • Having headaches & joint pain
  • Lacking mental clarity
  • Bloated and having uncomfortable digestion
  • With Bad moods
  • Ailing from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and cancer.

Our detox program is designed to flush out the toxins that have been causing havoc in our bodies. This gives us an opportunity to press the reset button, to purge out the old unhealthy eating habits and behaviors and to embark on a post detox healthy eating, healthy living lifestyle to sustain the good work the detox has done.


The overwhelming positive feedback below are responses from our very satisfied clients:

* WEIGHTLOSS varying from person to person. While this is a detox and not a weight loss program, 98% of our clients report having lost weight.

* Managing cravings for unhealthy foods. One of our clients reported a cessation of smoking after trying to quite numerous times over a period of 20 years.

* NO more constipation. One of our clients averted surgery from hemorrhoids cause by constipation. She was in severe pain and on daily pain medications. She could not sit or sleep. By the end of the 2nd day of our detox program she was off the pain medications and by the 6th day of the detox program she was back to herself again! (Imagine how much peace of mind was restored for her, moreover she saved on the trauma and costs of the surgery and follow up care. Food is medicine!)

* Pain relief be it joint pain or general pain. Many of our clients report

that their pain is gone!

* Good moods….

* High energy…lots of energy

* Increased mental focus and no more brain fog

* Body flexibility and “feeling like cooked spaghetti” as a client put it – (I like that phrase)

* Sleeping “like a baby” through the night. Other clients have reported that their insomnia is gone.

* and many many other benefits.

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